Team Equus
Stating the obvious

Uh, since there was never a formal announcement made, and someone left me with the username and password a long time ago, I’d like to point out that this project is on a possibly permanent hiatus. Sorry.

-Stewart Spicer


Unfortunately, I (OniLink) have to leave this project. I haven’t been feeling good about this project for a while now, we haven’t made any real progress at all since we started, we can’t find any other programmers or spriters to help us out, and I need to start focusing on getting into college. So, I need to leave Project Equus. I know this will likely kill the project entirely, but I have little other choice. I hope to some day revive this project, but it won’t be any time soon.

Would you like fries with that computer, sir?

My computer fried. :(

Borrowing a laptop with no monitor for the time being. No progress shall be made until I get a new computer. Hard drive should be fine, though! I just killed the motherboard while overclocking.

Coming this Weekend: Level Transitions!

This weekend, I’m going to (hopefully) get level transitions implemented! I’ve got some plans for how to do it as well. After that, all that will remain to be done for Alpha 1 is to have Jadke finish the animations, and to… *gulp*… implement animation rendering.

Collisions Complete!

You heard me! Collision detection and resolution is complete! My next project for this game will be one of two things.

1. Warping. This allows the player to go to different levels, or to teleport to different parts of the same level. The problem with this is I will have to learn a ton more about Box2D than I’d probably like.

2. Animations. This would, as the name implies, allow objects and characters to be animated. The problem with this is that the way the game is being implemented would mean that Gulneck would need to put in quite a bit of effort to get it working on the tools side. Unless he has a better idea.

An Unfortunate Delay

I had intended to have the first preview video out by now. Change of plans. I’m going to spend a week or so polishing the API, getting Box2D integrated, and getting animations working. Additionally, I’m going to need to discuss an animation editor/compiler with Gulneck, and that may take a while to get built, depending on how we decide to do it. I’ll try to post semi-regular updates here so you at least know how we’re doing.

Your GDD says you are coding in C++... What libraries or APIs are you using? SDL? OpenGl + libpng? Providing more specifics on your implementation might help to attract programmers that know what they like to work with.

Good point. The GDD has been updated with this information.

The engine is a custom made engine written in C++, utilizing SDL + OpenGL. Instead of a traditional hierarchical system for entities, we have opted to use a component-entity-system model.

First Youtube Preview Coming Soon

I can confirm that in the next week or two, if all goes according to plan, the first Youtube video of Project Equus will be uploaded on our channel. Not much will be shown, just a test level with motion and the ability to go to other levels. I plan to release previews like that semi-regularly, whenever we reach a new, minor milestone. Whenever we reach a new major milestone, I intend to upload a working demo here, with versions for Windows and for Linux. So yeah, that’s our plans for previews and demo releases. The first demo is hopefully coming by Everfree NW in mid-August, but I can make no promises.

The Player Can Move!

OniLink here!

Most of the base engine work is out of the way, so I finally got around to letting the player move. It works wonderfully. The player moves nice and smoothly, without a problem. Next step is to refactor it so the code is nicer to look at and easier to work with. That shouldn’t take too long. Once I’m done refactoring the movement code, I need to talk to Gulneck about some stuff with regards to defining entities, and then I need to talk with the mappers about adding walls to our test maps, so I can test out the collisions I need to implement. Tomorrow is going to be VERY productive. I hope.

Introducing: The Project Equus Youtube Channel

I’ve started up a Youtube channel specifically for this project. We will be posting gameplay footage and trailers there as progress is made, so you can witness our progress firsthand!

The Youtube channel is here.